SEO-promotion with a WARRANTY
spelled out in the contract

Site audit
First, we audit the site and find growth points, on the basis of which a traffic growth forecast will be made. Also, based on the analysis of the site and the primary analysis of competitors, a website promotion strategy and a plan for the first month will be drawn up.
Drawing up a promotion strategy
When drawing up a strategy, we take into account the wishes of the client in terms of priorities, as well as the initial state of the site and the experience of competitors.
Preparation of contract
We draw up an agreement with the received data on traffic growth and secure guarantees for the implementation of the predicted result without hidden points and nuances written in small print.
Traffic forecast
Based on the audit and growth points, taking into account fluctuations in seasonality and niche competitiveness, and using the predictive analytics methodology, we draw up a traffic growth plan for the year.
Growth of positions
You need to actively participate in the work of the team, in order for the results to be even better and faster.

SEO with guarantees – what is it?


Now a lot of talk on the Internet about guarantees in the search engine promotion. All customers want to be able to get a guarantee for the growth of the site for their money paid. Most often – about guarantees say those who have had experience with incompetent or unscrupulous performers, and after cooperation have received no growth or sales. And in this way, they try to protect themselves from the repetition of history.

Performers, in the form of various advertising companies and agencies implement a similar service, because they do not want to lose the competition and have a big advantage when searching for customers. But let’s deal more precisely, what is search engine promotion with guarantees, what it is and why it’s not so simple.

What are the guarantees of results in SEO?

As you have already realized that the guarantees for search engine promotion can be 3 types:

  1. Guaranteed traffic from organics;
  2. Guarantees of positions by keywords;
  3. Guarantees on the number of received leads.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these guarantees.


How to build a traffic forecast

In order to build traffic on the site must be very detailed analysis of the niche and the site itself.

  1. Performs an audit of the site. It may not be too deep, but enough to find growth points for queries and find the causes of weak ranking at the moment. Thus we estimate the growth potential of the site – how quickly it can grow.
  2. An initial audit of the niche and competitors. It is necessary to look at and understand, at the expense of what and who occupies the top niche. What chips they offer and whether they can be put on the site. and the approximate amount of work on the programmer’s fine-tuning of the site. In addition, an analysis of the structure and volume of texts to understand the amount of content that needs to be added to the site.
  3. Analysis of the link profiles of competitors and the analyzed resource, to understand how big the difference is, and what about the budget may be needed.
  4. The primary semantics is gathered and the seasonality of the niche is analyzed, in order to take into account the potential and guaranteed traffic to the site as accurately as possible.
  5. If the site is old and has traffic, then the current traffic – the amount of traffic, whether it is growing or declining, whether you need to compensate for stagnation, or whether the traffic is growing little by little. It also influences the forecast.

All these factors are analyzed and a forecast is made based on the data obtained.

Based on these data is also prepared a general promotion strategy and work plan for the first month.

All this data is presented together for review.


Promotion cost
  • This package is NOT COVERED under warranty.
  • Traffic is forecast to give you a rough idea of growth dynamics.
  • from 1 500 USD
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  • This package has GUARANTEES for the implementation of the predicted traffic growth with their fixing in the contract with penalties.
  • In case of non-fulfillment - the cost of the work of an SEO specialist -50% without changing the cost.
  • Copywriter, crowd and links are included in the package.
  • A programmer can be a customer.
  • from 2 500 USD
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  • In this package, there are GUARANTEE of the fulfillment of the predicted growth of traffic with their fixation in the contract with penalties.
  • In case of failure - the cost of the work of the SEO specialist is FREE without changing the cost part.
  • Copywriter, crowd and links are included in the package.
  • The programmer can be the customer.
  • Or compensate for the difference in traffic through paid channels (GoogleAds) without payment for setup and clicks by the client
  • from 3 000 USD
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    * We understand that each site is unique, and the services provided with standard packages may not be relevant for you personally. Therefore, we can draw up a personal promotion plan with adjustments to the final price, and you can order it right now.

    This package is NOT subject to the conditions of work on guarantees with traffic forecasts. This package includes guarantees on the execution of the work plan fixed in the contract. Client can use copywriters, programmers, link-builders and other specialists to work with the site. To get the contract you can call the number on the site or leave a request to our managers.

    This package includes a WARRANTY of the predicted growth of traffic on the site with their enshrined in the contract with the presence of penalties. If the indicators of growth of attendance are not met, the cost of SEO-expertise is reduced by 50% without changing the expense part (the cost of the package is reduced by 25% without reducing the volume of the service provided). Copywriter, crowd-marketer and link-builder services are included in the package. The programmer can be both internal and client side.
    To get a fish contract, you can call the number on the website or leave a request to our managers.

    This package includes a WARRANTY of the predicted growth of traffic on the site with their enshrined in the contract with the presence of penalties.
    In case of non-fulfillment of the indicators of growth of attendance, there are 2 options:
    1 – the cost of SEO-specialist work is reduced by 100% without changing the expense part (the cost of the package is reduced by 35% without reducing the volume of services provided). The services of a copywriter, crowdseller and link-builder are included in the package. The programmer can be both internal and client side.
    2 – Or you can buy the difference in traffic through paid channels (GoogleAds) without paying for the setup and traffic from the client.
    You can get the contract by calling the number on the site or by leaving a request to our managers.
    Part of the contract with the guarantees on the screenshot on the right.

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    SEO promotion of a website with a traffic guarantee (payment for traffic)

    This is one of the most clear and open options for guarantees in SEO. In this case, the executor’s team calculates for itself a variant of traffic growth in any convenient way and agrees it with the client. If this option (a guaranteed growth rate of attendance) suits the client, then we can say that we have found a consensus, which is convenient to all and begins negotiating the contract, etc.

    Why this option SEO most beneficial for both the client and the performer. The growth of traffic can be tried to calculate, though with a large margin of error, based on experience in the same or similar niches, based on the current state of the site (internal and external) and the state of the competition. If the site already has traffic, you need to see and understand its current traffic and ranking. To do this, you should explicitly provide access to analytics systems and webmasters. In addition, in order to make a traffic forecast, a niche seasonality indicator is also taken into account.

    The advantage of this type of guarantee in SEO

    Why this is the easiest way for the customer to work – the traffic on the site is something that can be seen in the analytics and easiest to control. It is also important to control its quality. To make sure that contractors are not chasing information or untargeted traffic to the site, you need to control the queries that people use to come to the site in webmasters. These should be commercial queries, not informational queries, which most likely will not convert into a sale.

    For the performer is a guarantee that you can, at least with a large margin of error, but to predict. And if you properly consider the state of the site, a good contractor, just find the points of growth, which can increase the target traffic. And he in fact will not be bound hand and foot by any commitments on positions, and will work to give the target traffic, where it is possible for the shortest period of time. For example, promotion under the low-frequency and low-frequency keys gives a quick and targeted traffic to the site within 2-3 months with good dynamics of growth in the future.

    And what is important, to increase traffic to low frequency and low frequency queries, do not apply gray or black methods SEO. And this is very important if you want to work long term.

    SEO-promotion of the resource with a guarantee of results on positions (payment for positions)

    This type of work is more difficult for the performers and is not always beneficial to the customer. Most often, business owners choose the most highly competitive and high-frequency queries, and it makes a very big problem. Because even with the strongest SEO-team, you can not beat in the shortest time sites that have won the top search results for years, and very often it is unrealistic, especially when the customer’s website for 200 products on a template with 0 reference, and fight the need to aggregators, which are in the top register. That is why, the performers will artificially inflate the budgets and stretch the time to achieve results. In addition, seeing the “rising to the top star”, the competitors will definitely begin to strengthen, and seeing that the performer will say that we need to raise the budget – because the competition began to buy more links, texts write more volume, etc. This is a vicious circle, which is hard to break. And biting off a small piece of all, as in the version with the promotion for traffic, (in the beginning it will be low frequency queries), for example, you will be invisible.

    Predict the output of the top search engine vyazhachi query based on any parameters is unrealistic (many would say that counted links from competitors to the site and the page whose query you want to promote, and all – finished. No, it does not work that way now. More does not mean higher). This means that the time of reaching the top query you have sounded based on a textbook “Stel. And so the work will begin with the deception, and if we consider that the concept of business involves working not to the downside, the contractor is unlikely to work to his detriment, and in fact deceived will be the customer.

    The advantage of this type of guarantee in SEO

    This guarantee is likely to benefit the customer more than the traffic, because visits can be cheated, etc., and here everything is crystal clear and clean – there is a request, there is a position, well, there may be an error of + – a couple of positions. But as I wrote above, to achieve rapid growth in competitive RF requests can only be gray or black methods, and therefore the site will be constantly under threat of filtering. A majority of sanctions leave permanent damage to the karma of a domain even after the removal, and from some almost never get out. And all this means that only one thing is suitable for temporary projects, but for projects in the long term, it is most likely not profitable. Very often, filters arrive even before the site hits the top and then you have to start all over again. And in fact all the money you invested in the site – a waste.

    SEO-promotion of a website with a guarantee of results by leads (payment for leads)

    This type of guarantee is the most understandable for the customer and probably the easiest. But this type of guarantee can only be obtained with a comprehensive website promotion – the so-called Performance-marketing. That is a complete immersion in the customer’s business:

    • work with the sales department;
    • the formation of PPM and marketing strategy;
    • setting up analytics, e-commerce, crm, end-to-end analytics, etc.;
    • launch of search engine promotion;
    • contextual advertising setup;
    • setting up targeted advertising.

    In fact, the performer controls the entire sales process from the first touch with the user through advertising or snippet, to receiving the request to execution. All this pulls just a huge expense for all the related settings and a certain monthly fee. And, accordingly, no one will agree to work for the leads on the new site.

    If you recalculate the cost of the work for the leads in the cost of promotion in traffic, in the end, the customer will be many times more expensive. Therefore, the big players in the market and do not work under such a scheme. In addition, to screw up leads is much easier and cheaper than buying traffic, etc. Therefore, manipulation here can be constant and disagreements between the customer and the executor.

    The advantage of this type of guarantee in the search engine promotion

    This guarantee is very convenient for customers at the initial stage of promotion of the site, but it is extremely unfavorable at a stage when all is well. Since the work for the traffic would be many times cheaper. In addition, the customer will be tied to a very huge penalty to the performer, for a certain period (usually not less than 1 year). And if everything is ok, and the site owner wants to leave, then without serious penalties to the agency here will not do.

    Obligations of the customer

    In order for the site to meet all the requirements of search algorithms, the customer must implement all the edits to the site, which is exposed to the performer. Here we can divide all the changes into two groups:

    • mandatory, which simply need to be implemented on the site in order for it to be able to rank well (loading speed, adaptability, structure, etc.)
    • non-mandatory/desirable, which will help the site to rank better, but may be too expensive and can be compensated by something else.

    And in this case, the performer has the right to demand that these changes were made or his specialists, or client’s specialists, but with the strict fulfillment of the specified terms of reference. But most often, the first option in the priority, because no one wants to give guarantees if other specialists can do something wrong.

    This condition applies not only to technical work, but also making changes to the appearance of the site and fine-tuning its functionality. It also applies to the content on the site – in most cases, the content is written by specialists of the contractor, as not all copywriters have the skills to write the required texts, etc. Customer’s specialists can make semantic adjustments in case the semantic load is not presented in the same way, but taking into account the same requirements for writing.

    Another very important point should be that the customer without the agreement should not make changes to the structure, turn off or on pages, change their addresses, etc. Since it is fraught with changes in the ranking, and after that we can talk about guarantees?

    Virtually all of these requirements can be discussed and reached a compromise that will suit everyone. But in our experience, some of the proposed changes in no way can harm the business, but on the contrary, taken from the top sites in the niche.

    Most of the critical necessary changes to the site will be announced even before the start of work, so the customer carefully review the strategy that offers the performer and immediately ask leading questions, so that then there are no points of conflict.

    Duties of the Executor

    The contractor must fulfill the promised growth of the site in traffic, positions or leads. If he fails to comply with it will receive penalties, which are enshrined in the contract. In addition, it is necessary to report on the money spent on the promotion of the site. It is necessary to clearly indicate how much money went to the copywriter, links, programmer, reviews, content manager, outreach, etc. In addition, it is necessary to report on all the work done each period and prepare a plan for the next month. The list of work must necessarily be approved by the customer.

    Preparation of the contract and negotiation of the details

    Once the approved package, guaranteed traffic, a contract is drawn up, which includes all the obligations of the customer and the contractor, there are also conditions on guarantees and penalties for failing to comply with the agreements on organic traffic. Most often, the penalties for failure to comply with traffic forecasts begin to work with the third month. This is due to the peculiarities of the process of indexing by search engines. Links may take part in the ranking only 1-1,5 months after it was placed. And this, respectively, postpones the moment of growth.

    What is SEO or search engine promotion?

    In order to fully understand what is SEO with guarantees, it is worth once again to explain what search engine promotion is. This is a series of “manipulations” with the site or with other sites on the Internet, aimed at ensuring that the main site took as high as possible positions in the search results for certain queries. What exactly can be “manipulations” – in general they are divided into two areas – internal and external.

    Internal SEO site optimization includes such works (general list).

    • Technical optimization (fixing errors in code and styles, increasing the speed of the site, removing incorrect links – 404 and 301, etc.).
    • Site indexing (elimination of junk pages in the index and adding to the index “useful”/sales/advanced pages, and an important factor – and as often as possible to bypass the site search robots).
    • Work with content (site structure, meta tags, text, images, videos, descriptions, characteristics, price lists, etc.)
    • Internal relinking and weight distribution across pages
    • Design, page structure and usability of the site UI / UX (many may not agree, but when search engines began to take into account the behavioral factors and the conversion of the site, it became part of the search engine promotion).
    • Working with microarrays and improving snippets (although it does not directly affect the seo, but beautiful snippets attract attention and increase ctr and traffic at the same positions)

    External SEO optimization consists of three main areas.

    • Purchase of external links (links can be article, crowd, directory, anchor, unsynchored, permanent, temporary, first, second or n-th level, etc.)
    • Reviews on the site – SERM-profile (reviews with or without links to the site or products on the site of the various sites or reviewers).
    • Map services Google Maps, Yandex Maps (you could refer this item to the previous one, but the further the more search engines are beginning to attract maps to rank sites and work with them should be made in a separate area).

    This is not a complete list of all promotional activities, but the main ones are listed here.

    So, what ultimately can affect the SEO-specialist – this position, traffic and indirectly on orders. Now let’s take a closer look at what and how you can guarantee.

    Why a guarantee for the result in search engine promotion – it’s difficult

    Very often we hear from clients that guarantees are not a problem if there is a good team and you believe in it; what kind of experts you are, if you can not guarantee the quality of their services, etc., etc. Yes, we have a team of experts with extensive experience, and we believe in them like no one else. And you will believe in them, too, if you see the cases of their work and the results on promotion. But that is not the problem. In the promotion of the site involving 3 parties: the customer, the contractor, the search engine (Google, Yandex).

    Consider this triangle of (but not quite) interactions. In fact, the customer has an influence on the performer, telling him what he is interested, what he needs to promote, perhaps putting his requirements for the work, etc. The Executor has an influence on the customer, setting him requirements for the quality of content on the site, the number of products, the formation of PPM, etc. But no one and nothing can affect the search engine, which today can say that links from quality portals affect the ranking of the site 100%, and tomorrow will say that the links do not participate in the ranking, and only work texts. A performer for these algorithms configured their work and it gave results. And would have still more, if not for changes in the “rules of the game”. Therefore, this variant of cooperation, I would call a segment (the link agency and the client) and the point (the search engine), on which no one has influence. And in this case we have a link that no one and in no way can change, and then how you can give guarantees with 100% confidence. And it turns out that the performer based only on faith in his experience and team guarantees the results.

    Then there is another option, when the customer starts to throw sand in the wheels, albeit not on purpose, but still. For example, he does not like the functionality that the agency wants to implement, do not like the new structure of the site, it is too big, most likely, the visitor will not understand how to find and order. But not having the same structure as competitors, the site simply will not be able to overtake them in search results, and the results of the work, without implementation, will be many times worse. Or having a very old design, the customer says that it sold, and is confident that now you can still promote with it. There are a lot of options like this.

    In addition, there are also options that the old site was under the filters at one time – especially if it was promoted 5-10 years ago. But it is almost unrealistic to find it now, and the last specialists are silent about it, etc.

    So judge for yourself, there are a whole bunch of factors that the company executor can not affect, but is still ready to take the risks of not making a profit or even lose some money.

    That’s why the executor, giving guarantees, demands the same from the customer.

    How guarantees for results are manipulated

    As you know, the goal of any business is to make money, so unreliable advertising agencies can artificially inflate the achievement of goals and results, in order to fulfill the terms of the contract and to get his fee.

    With the option of promotion with a guarantee of traffic, you can nakruchat through special paid services traffic to the site or to drive traffic to the site for information queries. In the first case, this traffic can be defined as botnym analytics systems or via GoogleSearchConsole you can find hits on the keywords that are not in the top at all. As far as informational traffic is concerned, you can check the keywords in the Google Webmaster.

    If you are promoting for the positions of requests in the top will be very difficult to manipulate or cheat, but at the same time, as I wrote above, the probability of filter – almost 100% (well, unless of course you have an old site and before that all built up very smoothly, etc.).

    When the option of working for leads, you can easily cheat requests and appeals. You can of course endlessly long argue about the quality of the leads, etc. But at the same time the fact was a lead – so you have to pay.

    FAQ - Find out more about our company's services

    1. What is promotion with guarantees?

    This is a type of search promotion of the site, when the performing company guarantees the fulfillment of certain indicators – KPI, with the fixing of penalties for failure to comply with the contract.

    2. What types of guarantees are there in SEO?

    There are at least 3 types of guarantees in SEO: a guarantee to achieve organic (free) traffic; a guarantee to receive positions on specific requests; guarantee of obtaining a certain number of leads.

    3. What guarantees in SEO do you give?

    We provide only 1 type of guarantee for the result – this is the achievement of certain organic traffic. This is the only type of guarantee that can be predicted from data.

    4. What is your traffic forecast based on?

    When making a forecast, we take into account: the current ranking of the site, current traffic and type of traffic (falling/growing), the technical condition of the site, the link profile of the site, seasonality, the state of the niche.